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My dog Betty developed an odd patchy and itchy skin rash sometime last summer. I received a shampoo from the vet and made several changes to her diet. After experimenting with essential oils and herbs, I was still not seeing the desired results. Nothing worked, the rash kept coming back. After Natural Rapport, I could feel the difference in her coat and skin after the first bath. After the second bath, she was noticeably more comfortable and the irritations on the skin are now only darkish spots, no longer red, flaky and itchy. I am delighted to see my dog comfortable and not trying to scratch off itchy scabs. In addition, her coat is soft and has a nice glow. From now on, I will use Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash to bathe my dogs. Thanks!!!


I have a 7 year old Lab/Greyhound mix named Mary. She has white hair and sheds year round. Some months are worse than others depending on the time of year. Last month I was given the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash to try on my dog and see if it helped with her shedding. I was pleasantly surprised. It had a nice smell, unlike a lot of other dog shampoos. It made her coat shiny and soft, and it did help with her shedding. I would recommend this product to anyone with a shedding dog. It really helps!



Thanks for allowing me to test out your pet shampoo. I tried the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash on my 2 golden retrievers recently. I like that the product cleanses and conditions at the same time. This is essential for my dogs, which both have long feathers that need detangling while washing. The smell of the shampoo is really nice. One retriever volunteers at the local hospital with me and it's nice when he smells great and is soft to the touch. Good job! Keep up the good work.


My black horse was beautiful in the parade. The Natural Rapport All-in-One Equine Wash made him shiny, but I still had to use a little detangler on his mane. But just a little. He is Andalusian with a very thick mane, not especially long, but thick.



The Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash was a success! Along with a new diet and shampoo the dog 'Manny' has more energy, NO irritated skin, and is a pleasure to be around! I will be purchasing some more!



I have owned a Grooming Shop for 32 years. I have tried a lot of eye cleaners and stain removers. Waste of money. I discovered Natural Rapport's Eye-Tear Stain Remover. It is a wonderful product. There is a huge difference in the way the dog's eyes look after only one use. I am very surprised and very happy using this product. I have also got a lot of compliments from my customers on how nice their dog's faces look after using this product. I would give this product a 5 star rating and would recommend this product to other Groomers & customers.


Natural Rapport has created a great Rain Rot Treatment, which I tried out on my friend's horse. After two years of battling tiny scabs all over her horse's body, along comes this Rain Rot Treatment and practically clears it up overnight. OK, it took longer, about a week!


The Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash worked really well for my dog. I use the "Oatmeal" shampoo from the grocery store and it would do a decent job cleaning. But, my dog would itch continually. He would even go in the backyard and roll around in the dirt to scratch himself. Then, he was dirty all over again. If you looked close, you could see very red skin. Your shampoo worked great! The redness has almost disappeared, and he does not roll around in the dirt anymore.


The Natural Rapport Thrush Treatment product works very well on horses. It dries up the Thrush without drying out the hoof!


I must say I am impressed with the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash . My Shi Tzu, who has all sorts of dry skin problems and more allergies than I can count, did EXTREMELY well with it. He is not scratching at all and his fur looks spectacular.


I have been using one capful of the Natural Rapport Stock Tank Water Cleaner every week, for a few weeks - and no scrubbing needed! I have not even needed to empty the tank, scrub, and's that amazing! I would not even think of using such a product if I didn't know it was biodegradable and safe. The bonus being that Natural Rapport's Stock Tank Cleaner will save me a ton of time cleaning and scrubbing. Not to mention saving all that water by not emptying, cleaning, and then refilling the stock tanks.


We had a thunderstorm last night and the Natural Rapport Calming Formula worked great! My 100 pound lab is so scared of storms and fireworks. I wish I would have had it for the 4th of July!


Natural Rapport has created a wonderful Thrush Treatment that is effective and easy. This natural-based treatment cleared up a moderate case of Thrush on one of my horses, in two days, after two applications.


I used the Natural Rapport Pet Stain & Odor Remover after my dog threw up. It removed the initial stain with the wiping of the solution, and continued to remove the rest of the stain, after putting a wet cloth over the area for a few hours. After I removed the rag, there was no stain and no harsh smell. I also noticed that with the Natural Rapport Pet Stain & Odor Remover, the residue of the stain rinsed completely out of the rag. Most stain removers on the market nowadays, leave some of the stain behind in the rag, after rinsing.


So far I have used and LOVE the Natural Rapport All-In-One Equine Wash and Natural Rapport Thrush Treatment. The shampoo is low lather and rinses clean. The Thrush Treatment has no smell, works well. Thank you! I will be happy to promote on our website, Facebook and newsletter.


I used the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash on Nikko. I loved it. The fragrance is so natural and fresh, not overpowering at all. It rinsed clean and gave Nikko a gorgeous coat, which is perfect for his sensitive skin.


The Natural Rapport All-in-One Equine Wash works well. It leaves a nice shiny coat and does not dry out the skin. Rinses easily and also smells nice without being overpowering. If the shampoo were heavier in conditioning, it might make the body hair too slick or sticky.


I was so impressed with the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash. The lather was incredibly rich and washed out more dirt than I have seen from other shampoos. I love the refreshing, light citrus scent that truly takes away our dog's odor. Now having a beautiful, velvet-soft coat and the odor removed, our family is enjoying time with Ginger more than ever!


I have been using various products to keep the water clean and clear in my horse water tank for several years, with mixed success. In the Spring I started to use Aspire Stock Tank Cleaner. I now only clean out the dirt, grass clippings, etc. about once a month. It sure saves my back from scrubbing with a brush as the hose washes it out easily".


I was very pleased with the results of the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash. For the first few days after using the product, my dog did not itch as much, and seemed more comfortable. That is saying a lot for a dog with his skin issues. I absolutely loved the scent of the shampoo. Other dog products that I have used in the past have that typical dog scent/smell which is a turn off, especially now, after smelling the wonderful scent of the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash. The density of the shampoo was just right...not too thick or thin....very easy to spread and lather. Rinsing it out was very easy. It made Samson's coat soft, fluffy and shiny. My mom used it on her dog too and loved it!


I spoke yesterday with my prospective customer at the Riding Academy. She absolutely loves the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash - Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, Detangler. She loves the fragrance, the consistency, the quality, the ease of use of this product and that there is only 1 step.


I had to send a note after using the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash, since bath time is no fun at our house. Our dog Louie is a rescue from New Orleans, his Southern owners had no choice but to take him to a shelter when Hurricane Katrina hit. The shelter where he was left was badly hit by the hurricane. He's lucky to be alive. That said, he does not like water of any kind, including bath time. The 1st noticeable thing after using the Natural Rapport Pet Wash was how easily it rinsed out of his coat, making bath time shorter. It was amazing, just a quick, clean rinse. Then after we dried him he wanted to play- that NEVER happens. Usually he runs and hides under the bed. He was so relaxed and fun. His coat has stayed so incredibly soft and all of his sensitive areas, which are normally dry, seem to have disappeared. Lastly, it has been raining here in Southern California, which does not happen very often, and there has been no stinky 'wet dog' smell hanging around on Lou 🙂


Loved the Natural Rapport products we used. I have even posted pictures on my FB page listing your product used with 3 horses we sent home 🙂


I discovered Natural Rapport's Pet Stain & Odor Remover to be just the right thing for de-funkifying my barn and pet stuff. First, I followed the directions and used the Pet Stain & Odor Remover on my cat's favorite sleeping spot - the blanket on the sofa in my office. The directions are easy, and after a few hours of air drying, the blanket was brand new! Natural Rapport products are naturally derived. I love being green and fresh.


The Aspire All-in-One Equine Wash works well. It leaves a nice shiny coat and does not dry out the skin. Rinses easily and also smells nice without being overpowering. If the shampoo were heavier in conditioning, it might make the body hair too slick or sticky.


My daughter and I used the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash. We both had the same comments. The results were very nice. It lathered up pretty nice and the smell is very pleasant. All three dogs had very soft and shiny coats. My daughter's dog has a skin condition and your shampoo seems to have helped her dry skin.


I used the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash a week ago on Wilson. It works great. He was very clean and shiny when he was done. The smell was nice and mild, and even when wet, had a nice smell. He was definitely shinier and softer than before, without irritating him. Good product!


The Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash is great for our dog! He suffers from dry skin and this naturally-derived product means that I do not feel like I am adding to the problem, with added chemical cleaners. It lathered well, rinsed easily and had a nice scent. Thanks for a great product!


We used the Natural Rapport Complete Pet Wash on Parker, our daughter's do. Typically he has itchy, dry skin. We went to the lake last weekend and Parker went swimming too. Even after the lake, his coat seemed softer and his skin is good.



The Natural Rapport All-in-One Equine Wash is a must have for any horse stable. If you are showing, grooming or just plain want your horse to look clean and healthy this product has it all. As a rule I personally try to stay away from Sodium Laurel Sulfate / Sodium Laurel Sulfite and other chemicals found in most shampoos, such as parabens (now linked with cancer). So when I saw Natural Rapport's products I jumped at the chance to try them. This is a natural shampoo and I was a bit skeptical it would be lacking in the cleaning department. Being a natural product with no common detergents left me thinking it would not work. I was mistaken. The results were excellent. You can see in the before and after photos the shiny hair and pink skin. After using the All-in-One Equine Wash, K-Leigh's socks are gleaming. Her skin pink and the black 'ermine' marks glowing. It shows how beautifully the natural shampoo worked. I also notice some ground-in grass stains and was determined to see how the Natural Rapport's All-in-One Equine Wash would fair cleaning ground in grass stains. The results' Take a look at this!

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